Why Slow Dating?

Slow dating can help us carefully consider a potential partner and ensure we are not making a mistake by entering into a relationship too quickly. It can also assist in forming a more substantial connection with someone and creating a stronger foundation for a lasting relationship.

As a single Londoner, I've tried everything from speed dating to speed phone dating. I've even swiped right on Tinder, but it's never gone anywhere. Now I'm looking for a more meaningful way to find love, so I'm going to give slow dating a try.

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Sophia Alexandroff Singh, researcher and writer.

Slow Dating Online

Love is Patient, Love is Kind

But mama said you can't hurry love
No you just have to wait
She said love don't come easy
It's a game of give and take
Phil Collins

Slow Dating

Married or Single

This service allows you to have meaningful conversations and get to know someone, regardless of your marital status.

Slow Dating

Old is Gold

As one gets old, one becomes more patient. So If someone is over 35, this is a safe place to find someone with similar interests to yours.

Slow Dating

We love Rainbows

We understand that love has no boundaries. We are a dating service that respects people regardless of sexual orientation.

Algorithm-based dating apps leave the 96% out in the cold

Slow Dating Online

Algorithm-based dating apps leave the 96% out in the cold

At Slow Dating, we’re committed to giving the 96% a chance at making meaningful connections. We understand that algorithm-based dating apps can’t pick up on the nuances of human connection.

So we’re here to provide alternative methods for finding a partner who understands your needs.

We are committed to helping you find the perfect match. Our four-step process is designed to help you find the ideal partner.

  • Personalised matching services, no algorithms

  • Matches based on your deepest fears

  • Handholding and Guiding you as a friend

  • Working with only a small set of people

Slow Dating is emotionally safe for you

We are talking about love and feelings here. Slow dating is not only physically safe but also emotionally safe. Why would you be reckless with your heart?

Gen Z is approaching online relationships at a slower pace than millennials, referred to as "slow dating." This approach involves taking longer to move from the first swipe online to the first meetup in real life.

Ex Tinder CEO Renate Nyborg

Tinder CEO Renate Nyborg

Slow dating is a way to create genuine connections and find real relationships, as opposed to speed dating and endless hours of swiping. It saves time, reduces feelings of rejection.

Clémentine Lalande, co-founder of dating app Once

Once Co-founder Clémentine Lalande

I think it's important to get to know somebody slowly because I think if you're with someone for an extended period of time, and then you break up, you have a better chance of staying friends.

Chris Evans

American actor Chris Evans

A slow and dirty way to get you hooked 🧡

We date fast and try to get as many partners as possible, like we are competing in some sports. Guys want to boast about body counts, but girls have to lie about their body counts. Something is broken here.

Having many partners seems dirty, but it is this generation's way of avoiding intimacy. Real intimacy happens when you have known and loved the person for a long time. It is essentially a slow dating process.

You date a hundred women or just one woman. You learn only one thing. You learn about women. Isn’t it wiser to love just one woman over an extended period?

We want to bring back the innocence in love. Life is short for loving even one woman; why waste your energy chasing many? 😉

A slow and dirty way to get you hooked 🧡

Slow Dating Online

A Dating Coach For Your Lifetime

Our personalised dating service is designed to help you find a partner who will add value to your life. We aim to connect you with someone who will make your life more fulfilling. Below is our three-step process.
Note - Our aim is not about getting you married or hooked.


Extensive Consultations

We want to know you as intimately as possible. To be able to do this, we do interviews with you. Our dating coach also guides how to take things slowly. Once we understand your need, we will find a suitable mate who matches your needs.


Finding You A Match

We believe everyone deserves love and do not have to swipe across a thousand pictures to get a match for you.
We will find you a suitable match from our curated database of people seeking love and light.


Skin in the Game

We are committed to you for life, like the lifelong love we found for you.We will ensure that you are psychologically prepared to jump over whatever hurdles the complexity of love throws at your relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Slow Dating

What is Slow Dating?

We define “slow dating” as two people in an intimate relationship.
The relationship is emotional and strictly virtual. It is a long-term commitment and has to stand the test of time irrespective of other persons changing priorities.

Slow Dating

How much information do we have to share?

The more information we have about your personality, the better match we can get for you. We will need to understand your desires and fears to come up with someone who can nurture your heart with care.

Slow Dating

Will our personal information be kept confidential and private?

We would insist that if you do not TRUST us with your desires and fears, please feel free to opt-out.

Slow Dating

How will you "Slow Down" the dating process?

Ha! This is our secret sauce! 🤑. But here you go. We will act like a middleman in the negotiation. We won't reveal each other's name, photo, or contact details. This will ensure safety for the girl, and also, we will ensure she is 100 per cent sure before she says YES!

Slow Dating

How would you be able to ensure the man's and woman's safety?

Because of our "Slow Dating" process, where we don't reveal any contact details about the man or the woman until we are confident that we have a match made to last, we will be the safest dating service in the universe.

Slow Dating

How much does this service cost?

Right now, we will only charge for a perfect match as mutually agreed. We are still in the early alpha stages of this business. Once we have a product-market fit, we will announce a yearly membership which will be charged upfront.

Are You Ready For Slow Dating?

It is time to settle down and find someone for keeps. Don't let your fear of rejection make you chase endless relationships. We want to help you find your lifelong imperfect date. Kickstart your new year and new love life with us by clicking the button below.

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